Casinos entice customers with the possibility of making a fortune with the least investment and effort. Nevertheless, casinos are not luxurious charities looking to make princes out of paupers. They are business enterprises striving to achieve the maximum possible profit to their owners. So here are the most important facts you need to know before you try your luck at the swanky casino near you.

1. Age Restriction:

All casinos have a minimum age requirement for playing, which at most casinos is 21 years. A few casinos do let you play at 18 years of age, better check before you go. You have to produce an ID when demanded, irrespective of how old you look.

2. Set a budget:

Casinos offer gambling and gambling like a movie, or a music show is an entertainment. Be prudent and set a budget for your casino session. You certainly don’t want to throw everything in the ring, and rue yours loses at the end of the day. Know when to quit.

3. Freebies on offer:

Casinos are looking to maximize profit, and most offer freebies by way of free drinks or meals and even discounts on rooms to make you keep playing. The more you play, the more you get. Enroll for player club membership, and you may get free cash and any number of incentives depending on how much you play. But at the end of the day, you are likely to lose more than you make.

4. Not all games are equal:

Casino regulars know well that some of the games are better from a player point of view. Almost all games have an edge towards the house, some more so than the others. These games often called ‘carnival games’ by insiders are best left to the tourists. Be smart and steer clear of them.

5. Eyes, Eyes Everywhere:

Almost all casinos have thousands of security cameras and you are watched from the moment you step inside the door. The restrooms are perhaps the only place in a casino where you can escape the cameras.

6. Free drinks. Really?

Many casinos offer free drinks, but better watch out. Alcohol tends to mess up your rationality and induce you to do things you probably will regret when you are sober. Alcohol can also impair your ability to play effectively, which will tip the scales in favor of the house.

7. You can be barred, for winning!

As much as it sounds incredible, it is true. In many gaming jurisdictions, players suspected of having an advantage like card counting can be barred from playing specific games. But of course, casinos don’t advertise this. After all, who wants to visit a casino that punishes winners?

8. Don’t tip, bet:

While tipping dealers at the table are expected, most dealers prefer you bet it for them than tip them. This way they stand to get a better return than your simple tip.

9. The Chips Trick:

When asked for $50 chips the casino is likely to give you 2 $25 chips instead of smaller denominations. With two chips you are likely to lose quickly on an impulse than what you might if you had $5 chips. So get your chips right.

10. Learn to Stop:

Gambling has to be enjoyed as entertainment. Most casinos are open 24/7, and you can always come back. Today is not the end of the world, and you don’t have to gamble till you don’t have a dime left. Set a limit and stop when you reach it win or lose.